Used Plastic Injection Moulding Machine : Cheso


Sumitomo Electric Machine SE100D


Mitsubishi 650MG3-110


Nissei FN5000-50A


Toshiba IS550GS-34A

m1 Sumitomo
Sumitomo Electric Machine SE100D
m2 Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi 650MG3-110
m3 Nissei
Nisei FN5000-50A
m4 Toshiba
Toshiba IS550GS-34A

Our Services

Cheso Machinery is one of the largest second hand plastic machine stockers in Asia, with over 200 machines in stock. Our scope of works on reconditioned machines are as follows:

  •      - 3 months machine warranty to ensure good running working order.
  •      - Test-run machines for at least 24 hours.
  •      - Machine is re-painted to look new.
  •      - Operation manual book with hydraulic & electric diagram provided.
  •      - We provide technician for commissioning and test running machine.
  •      - Dis-assemble and re-assemble machines.
  •      - Clean the hydraulic tank, oil cooler and filter.
  •      - Replace defective hydraulic parts.
  •      - Replace oil seals and rings with leakage.
  •      - Replace defective ball-bearing of electric motor.
  •      - Parts will be replaced if they do not meet the specific tolerances.
  •      - Check and repair Hydraulic pump.
  •      - Check and replace defective toggle with new one.
  •      - Check Clamping Cylinder pressure to ensure good working order.
  •      - Inspect Screw and Barrel, to ensure no injection back-flow.
  •      - Check Control Cabinet and replace defective parts.

Machine Brands

Our International Customers

Mitsubishi Shoji         Oceanus Lucky Star        Tata Auto    Thai Summit Group      Zeller Plastic Philippines

Bina Plastics        TeckSee       Toyota Tsusho